Conscious Business Associates

Inspiring and engaging people to bring oneness, consciousness and positive change

in the business world

We invite you on a journey to experience what inspires you,

find a deeper level of consciousness

and develop a richer sense of creativity and purpose.

Well applied, these inner qualities will create more meaning

for you and your organisation,

and allow you to be more present, mindful and effective.

They will also support the global paradigm shift emerging in business,

that will lead to everybody flourishing.

We support you to build a workplace culture that…

Attracts and retains high quality people

Inspires them to be fully engaged and contribute their best 

Creates innovative and sustainable relationships, products and services

Establishes a culture of community and environmental stewardship 

Achieves wealth and well-being for all

Talk with us and discover how Conscious Business principles based on the Conscious Business Declaration can inspire, engage, and grow you and your organisation in a positive and prosperous manner.

Better still, attend our next workshop and retreat in the Coromandel. Check the workshop page for details.

Who are we?

Conscious Business Associates (CBA) is an international consortium of Certified Conscious Business Change Agents. In New Zealand, our group consists of highly experienced and skilled affiliates recognized for expertise in our specialized fields. We’re dedicated to individual and collective transformation, and work to redefine business as a force for the benefit of humanity and the planet, while improving outcomes for the organisation itself.

What we do

We provide development services for forward-thinking people and enterprises who want to flourish in the 21st century. Whether you’re a start-up business or an established organisation, we will carry out personal and organisational assessments using our specialised tools. We will then work with you, and your people, to establish a path towards becoming a more conscious and prosperous enterprise.


Our services include:

  • Conscious Leadership development workshops, as detailed here.
  • On-going Conscious Coaching and support for individuals, teams and organisations
  • Conscious Business audits, analysis and planning services


Our mission

To inspire people to bring conscious and positive change in the world’s businesses and organisations.

Our vision

Prosperity and well-being for all.

As your strategic partner, Conscious Business Associates will work with you to increase satisfaction among your employees, customers and other stakeholders while achieving your financial goals and success indicators.


Let’s start a conversation about all these benefits, or meet with us at the next workshop as we wake up to ourselves and conscious business.


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