About Us

When you choose the Conscious Business Association, you choose a strategic partner eager to help you achieve increasing satisfaction among employees, customers and other stakeholders while achieving your financial goals and success indicators.

Our Ethos


  • We will be true to ourselves
  • We will be honest with ourselves and our clients
  • We will embody what we espouse


  • We will communicate open-heartedly
  • We will talk straight and tell the truth
  • We will blend structure and inspiration


  • We will meet people where they are
  • We will respect what is and what has been
  • We will support ourselves and our clients to go to the tough places

Our Way of Working

  • We work with love, compassion, insight and wisdom
  • We work in a way that touches people’s deepest sense of responsibility and
    taps into their richest resources
  • We work in a way that lets people bring out the best they have to offer,
    willingly and graciously

Our Mission

  • To Inspire people to bring conscious and positive change in the world’s businesses and organisations

Our Vision

  • Prosperity and well-being for all

Meet the team

Steve LeFebvre

Steve LeFebvre

Steve is a business consultant and coach with a focus on bringing more effective and conscious awareness to people, relationships and businesses.

He is an entrepreneur with many years experience in building and operating businesses globally in the food and beverage, nutraceutical, and biotech industries. He is currently consulting in New Zealand companies working to establish businesses in the China market, and was a co-Founder of BioVittoria Ltd, the leading global producer of Monk Fruit , a natural, innovative, non-caloric sweetener.

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Dave Burton

Dave Burton

Dave has provided people-focused training and consulting services in the corporate world since 1990. He has carried out a wide variety of successful assignments in New Zealand for organisations such as Kiwirail, Mercury, Downer, Morphum Environmental, Family Start Manukau, CORE Education, Northland District Health Board and Te Wananga o Aotearoa. He has also worked in the UK, the US, Saudi Arabia and South east Asia.

He is also a member of Business Mentors New Zealand providing developmental services to several small businesses in the Waikato area.

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As your strategic partner, Conscious Business Associates will work with you to increase satisfaction among your employees, customers and other stakeholders while achieving your financial goals and success indicators.


Let’s start a conversation about all these benefits, or meet with us at the next workshop as we wake up to ourselves and conscious business.