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Dave Burton

Dave Burton

Dave Burton

Conscious Business Associate


Dave has provided people-focused training and consulting services in the corporate world since 1990. He has carried out a wide variety of successful assignments in New Zealand for organisations such as Kiwirail, Mercury, Downer, Morphum Environmental, Family Start Manukau, CORE Education, Northland District Health Board and Te Wananga o Aotearoa. He has also worked in the UK, the US, Saudi Arabia and South east Asia. 

He is also a member of Business Mentors New Zealand providing developmental services to several small businesses in the Waikato area.

While his work is done in large and small organisations, the focus of it is always people – how they communicate, how they work together, how they can best realise their own potential and how they can contribute effectively to their organisation and its success.

Dave has a wide range of skills and experience as a Manager, Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach and Mentor. He has a relaxed, friendly style and creates a climate in which dignity, trust, respect and honesty prevail.

He is married with three adult children and lives at Cooks Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. He has traveled and worked extensively throughout New Zealand, Australia, the UK, South East Asia and the Middle East and has a strong interest in people, their cultures and their development.

“I listen. I listen in a way that helps people reach and express their real feelings, establish their deeper needs and find their own resources to meet them.”

“I am committed to the view that self-awareness is key to success; we can’t change what we don’t know about. We can’t improve what we don’t know needs improving. And we can’t be fully effective unless we know how others experience us. Like Steve, I do this in a way that people feel supported and energised to work towards their personal and professional goals and ambitions. I do it in a way that helps people realise and apply their full potential.”


As your strategic partner, Conscious Business Associates will work with you to increase satisfaction among your employees, customers and other stakeholders while achieving your financial goals and success indicators.


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