Conscious Business Declaration

Conscious Business Associates of New Zealand is a signatory to the Conscious Business Declaration along with thousands of individuals and organizations around the world. The signatories are committed to supporting a paradigm shifting standard for conducting business.

The Conscious Business Declaration 

The Conscious Business Alliance was formed by four international NGO’s:

  • Humanity’s Team,
  • The Club of Budapest,
  • The Goi Peace Foundation and
  • The Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit.

Its mission is to establish a new conscious business model that that will dramatically increase economic prosperity while healing the environment and improving human wellbeing. The initiative, which is based on seven essential principles that define a new standard for 21st century commerce, was designed for any company to follow.

By signing this declaration, individuals and businesses acknowledge these principles and commit to developing the awareness and skills needed to apply them in their organisations.

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