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Steve LeFebvre

Steve LeFebvre

Steve LeFebvre

Conscious Business Associate

Steve is an experienced facilitator who is passionate about assisting business leaders and their organizations to participate in creating a new paradigm in business: a paradigm where organizations become powerful vehicles for creating a more meaningful and enlightened world business vision. This vision sees all stakeholders flourishing by realising that on this planet we are all interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. He believes that by establishing and living this vision and by learning and trusting that when we show up being both mindful and heartful, we as leaders, our organisations, our people, and our planet will all prosper and thrive.

Steve has been in the business sector for several decades as a founder of businesses in the global marketplace, as an executive, a board member and business consultant. He has experienced how the “shadow” side of business, the lack of trust and integrity, the arrogance, greed, and lack of heart, often results in high levels of stress and ill health, toxic company cultures ,high employee turnover and poor financial returns. He has also experienced what is now being substantiated in the global marketplace, namely that adopting conscious business principles supports the creation of an organizational culture that benefits all stakeholders. This culture assists organisations in attracting the best talent, inspires greater creativity and innovation and generates social. economic and environmental profits and benefits.

Steve also brings many years of studying spiritual psychology with masters from Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, and Native American Indian traditions. He is a former yoga and meditation teacher, vipassana meditation practitioner, student of spirit-based community, a nutritionist and a men’s group facilitator. Interweaving these experiences of business and inner practice allows him a unique perspective on this new evolving more enlightened business vision. 

As your strategic partner, Conscious Business Associates will work with you to increase satisfaction among your employees, customers and other stakeholders while achieving your financial goals and success indicators.


Let’s start a conversation about all these benefits, or meet with us at the next workshop as we wake up to ourselves and conscious business.